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Angels Coming

  • Robert Garrison Rabalais born March 11, 2005, to Robert and Melissa Beckworth Rabalais.
  • Rebecca Kenan Hassell born April 7, 2005, to James and Caroline Willisams Hassell.
  • Hannah Schneider born April 8, 2005, to Stevan and Patricia Schneider.
  • Ella Sneffey born May 3, 2005, to William and Janet Schaufele Sneffey.
  • Georia Blanche Derry born June 8, 2005, to Joe and Maggi Schendle Derry.
  • Kate Moxley born June 27, 2005, to Rex and D’Ann White Moxley.
  • Abby Caroline Eickelbeck born July 18, 2005, to Mark and Caroline Thurmond Eickelbeck.
  • Vivian Darnall born August 13, 2005, to Sephen and Elizabeth Turley Darnall.
  • Margaret Armstrong born August 16, 2005, to Charlie and Becky Verschoyle Armstrong.
  • Mackenzie Transou born August 31, 2005, to Chip and Alysia Transou.
  • William Cullen Runnels born September 30, 2005, to Forrest and Lorin Looney Runnels.
  • Emery Evelyn Smith born September 15, 2005, to Thad and Sarah Smith.
  • Madeline Green born September 25, 2005, to and Nellie Shapiro Green.
  • Sarah Claire Arenson born October 12, 2005, to Keith and Azure Miller Arenson.
  • Clare Bogart born October 19, 2005, to Clinton and Danya McIntyre Bogart.
  • Madelyn Leigh Neuhoff born October 21, 2005, to Brian and Robyn Neuhoff.
  • Kylan Grace Wedell born November 16, 2005, to Warner and Amalia Goodwin Wedell.
  • Frances Leonard born December 15, 2005, to Brett and Anne Sampson Leonard.
  • Katherine (Kate) Seitz born January 18, 2006, to Andy and Jana Brochman Seitz.
  • Katharine Elizabeth Smith born January 19, 2006, to Robert and Corothy Rehm Smith.
  • Ann Grier Johnston born January 24, 2006, to Rob and Jean Jennings Johnston.
  • Lucie Clare Barone born February 3, 2006, to Michael and Cici Masterson Barone.
  • Kate Kennedy born February 10, 2006, to Paul and Merritt Hunke Kennedy.
  • Clementine Rhodes Cook born February 1, 2006, to Todd and Aimee RhodesCook Lubin.
  • Nancy Nell Fry born February 20, 2006, to Steven and Laura Nell Soules Fry.
  • Mary Katherine (Kate) Howard born February 26, 2006, to William and Laura Guerin Howard.
  • Riley Cannon Underwood born March 6, 2006, to Duncan and Sarah Cannon Underwood.
  • Anna Kayser born March 13, 2006, to Aaron and Diana Munson Kayser.
  • Grace Katherine Davis born April 13, 2006, Scott and Katherine Nelson Davis.
  • Anna Carrington Butler born March 23, 2006, to Carter and Jane Schlachter Butler.
  • Ann White born June 5, 2006, to Jerod and Bette Pfluger White.
  • Greer Waters born June 6, 2006, to John and Tracy Stroud Waters.
  • Kathrin Ann Peterson born June 11, 2006, to Claiborn and Catherine “Katie” Malone Peterson.
  • Anne Frances Cahoon born July 19, 2006, to Joseph and Christie Landreaux Cahoon.
  • Lauren Robin Russell born August 12, 2006, to Hugh and Heather Forrester Russell.
  • Charlotte Ann Deaton born August 17, 2006, to Ryan and Jennifer Carter Deaton.
  • Claire Dervaes Whitehead born August 25, 2006, to James Walter III and Elizabeth Munson Whitehead.
  • Amelia Scott Earle born September 8, 2006, to Edward and Margaret Earle.
  • Elise Neuhoff born October 10, 2006, to Austin and Pauline Seay Neuhoff.
  • Georgeann Huthnance born October 22, 2006, to Robert and Charlotte Carothers Huthnance.

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