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Headline News

Same Space, New Face!

Construction Begins on New Camp Office and Round-Up Lodge

The 2007-2008 off-season marks a year of major construction at Waldemar. Shortly after the close of Second Term, bulldozers and excavators crowded the Waldemar roads as the camp office was demolished making way for a newer building to take its place. Built in 1928, the original office served as the epicenter for all camp activity. The new office building will occupy the same space but will be better suited for today’s camping business needs.

Artist's Rendering of New Office

The improvements will include a history museum in Cedar Lodge to display Waldemar memorabilia from the last eight decades; more of a lobby-style front office; expanded storage for office essentials and historical information; as well as an improved work space for summer and year-round staff to keep up with the daily demands of camp mailings, program planning, etc. The new space will also allow all year-round staff to work in one building freeing up the conference office space to be used by tribal and departmental staffs during the summer.

Office Demonlition and Construction Progress Photos

Additionally we have constructed a new meeting spot above the Rippling Waters Garage! With a gorgeous view of the river and cypress trees and built specifically with tribal meetings and senior movies in mind, the new AIR-CONDITIONED lodge is sure to be a favorite meeting spot. Chorus and charm classes will meet in the new facility. The new lodge will be known as Round-up Lodge, which was the name given to Miss Ora’s original camp lodge.

The new Round-Up Lodge sits above the Rippling Waters garage

Waldemar’s finest architects Marsha and Teak teamed with the design expertise of Lori Appleton and the rest of the Waldemar staff to carefully plan each and every detail of the new buildings to conform with the familiar facade of Waldemar. Construction is nearing completion on the Lodge and underway on the office. We hope to be moved in before the start of our summer 2008 sessions. We can’t wait for you to come see!


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